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Update by user Mar 07, 2017

After a Facebook post and a Better Business Bureua submission, Warrantech finally came through and honored the warranty. I wish they would not have required these extensive efforts on my part as it caused a lot of undue stress. But to its credit, Warrantech delivered on its promise in the end.

Original review posted by user Jan 26, 2017

I purchased several appliances two years ago with an ESP from Warrantech. In July of 2016, my refrigerator started having difficulty cooling (hovers between 42-46 degrees).

I called Warrantech customer service and they connected me with a local appliance repair company. The company spent five months and three service calls trying to fix the refrigerator (replaced boards, fans, front control panel, etc), but to no avail. I asked CS at what point the replacement would happen and they said they simply needed one more service provider to look at the refrigerator to confirm it was irreparable. On January 3rd, another provider came out and the technician proceeded to pick up a can of soda (one I had just brought in from our outside fridge (around 15-20 year old one) and said this feels fine to me.

This in spite of looking at two different thermometers we keep in our fridge, in different locations, both of which were registering 44 degrees. We have to keep the fridge at the lowest setting (34 degrees) just to keep food near the safe range. He acknowledged the ice makers were not functioning properly, the ice in the freezer was moist, and there was a lot of frost in the freezer that should not be there. He said he would report back to Warrantech, so they could proceed.

A couple days later, I called CS to get a status. The rep said the provider did not provide an update and they would reach out to them and call me back...they never did. A couple weeks later on January 17th, I called CS again and they said they still had not received and update from the service provider. They escalated to the service network and said they would call me back within 48 hours…again no callback.

A week later, on January 24th, I called CS yet again. This time the rep said she was requesting an emergency replacement since they had not done anything for us thus far. This represented the first glint of hope I had Warrantech was actually going to honor the warranty. She said to call back Thursday if no one called me back, but she expected they might get back to me sooner.

This was not the case. I just got off the phone with Warrentech CS and they said now they are going to try to repair the refrigerator yet again. They are obviously not interested in honoring warranties, not interested in customer service, not honoring their word. Eventually this saga will end, but I will forever make the warranty provider my number one concern for every major purchase I make.

Never again will I buy from any company that uses Warrantech. Save yourselves a lot headache and steer clear of Warrantech.

Product or Service Mentioned: Warrantech Refrigerator Warranty.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

Preferred solution: Warrantech should honor the warranty and replace the refrigerator already. I've already lost food because of this fridge, and had to pay additional electricity to keep a spare fridge on the patio for a working freezer..

Warrantech Cons: No callbacks, Poor communication, Unwillingness to honor warranty.

  • Extended Warranty Scam
  • Runaround
  • Poor Service
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