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I am not surprise to see all this post for this company. I use to work for them and the same way they treat customer is the same way they treat employees. The dress code is a joke it looks like your in a club. There is more spandex material than you can imagine. The language that is being use the worst I had a customer that was on the phone with me that heard my co worker saying the F#@ word and life story all through my call. I apologize she said it wasnt my fault.

Customer of this company let me tell you a secret the warranty is shitch. If you call for repairs it usually takes 3 days to get a call back and then your nightmare begins. When you call back upset I would be the one getting the call and customers didnt understand why I could not help them, thats because another dept. would handle it and they did not want to talk to the customer. I had a customer who called that her refrigerator was leaking she called back 3 days later that no one had called her. All I can say RUN......

I have to go but I might log in another day this company was the worst I ever worked for you cant use the bathroom, go on breaks like normal people you had 10 minutes breaks, yet you had to call your supervisor, send an email or wait till they said it was ok. I knew a coworker that had to get a doctors note to go to the bathroom.

until later this will be my stress relieve from now on.

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Columbus, Georgia, United States #770125

OMG, is it real? I didn't believed it could happen here in USA .

I thought Warrantech only upset the customers who gave them money . I didn't know that their employees hate them too.

Please people , run run away from this company by asking the sale man when they try to sale you the extended warranty . NOT WARRANTECH.


Warrantech had held up okaying in fixing my camera for the second time, Precision did not fix it the first time, so you would think it would go back on the same work order.NOT.... Two weeks my camera sat, even after one week ago a supervisor okayed the work...It has taken Hhgreg Corporate to get involved...But now they are not giving me what I paid for the Nikon D5000 or the second lens.

So it continues... Oh and because they are replacing my camera, it means my warranty with them is done,even though I had another year left, so you never get nothing for nothing.


I worked for them in their Automotive Inspection section back in the late 80's - early 90's. It doesn't sound like much has changed for employees. We used to offer pretty good service for our customers then, but maybe not as much anymore from what I'm reading.

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