Green Oaks, Illinois
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We have been without a refrigerator for 7 weeks. Same story as both of you.

They sent out repair person after 3 weeks, deemed unfixable. Instead of honoring the 5 year warranty they punted it over to LG who will issue a partial refund not including the 380 paid for the Warranty. Why should we have to settle for a partial refund when the refrigerator should be replaced in full. Spent hours arguing and weeks living without a refrigerator and now will be waiting for weeks for LG to send refund.

Unacceptable. Warrentech is a racket and should be shut down.

Product or Service Mentioned: Warrantech Refrigerator Warranty.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Warrantech Cons: Everyting its a scam.

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We are presently going thru the same ordeal as you! They "schedule" someone to come but the repair company never calls or comes.

The one repair person that came doesn't work on closed units which warrentech should have known. Since then we've been at their mercy with no fridge and waiting until they find someone. It's been 3 weeks and getting very frustrating! I'm thinking of calling the news station's Action 9 to see if they can get it settled for us.

Maybe a little bad airtime will push them along. In the meantime, am spreading the word on what a scam this company is! They are a bunch of bafoons who don't know their head from *** in the ground! Poorest customer service that I've ever seen!

Wish we had read reviews on them before we got the "extended warranty!" Saw one set of reviews on their site and there were 12 positive reviews and 66 negative reviews. That tells you something right there!


You are *** and occipital didn't read the terms and conditions. Believing the sales person, and not doing your homework makes you entitled to something they don't offer. Sad state of humanity...


*obviously didn't read

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