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Hello my name is Nicholas Kinsey and I purchased your extended warranty for a pioneer radio in 2008. The radio had a malfunction and I called thinking that I purchased an extended warranty. To my avail I did not as your company has failed me on many levels.

The company notified me that I was still in fact under warranty and that I needed to send in my radio for repairs. My original representative notified me that if the repairs WERE NOT covered by Warrantech that I would be given the option to not have the repairs done. As we all know money is tight and every dollar counts. The radio was sent in to DTR technologies that sent the radio to pioneer for repair. Warrantech approved the repair but per Raymond Robles never approved payment. The DTR rep states that the original payment was approved but the approval was then denied after I had received my radio. I called and talked with Mr. Robles who would not resolve my issue but rather quoted that a software issue is not covered. Mr. Robles is steadfast and strong but he failed to listen and to be adaptive. All he could say was that I would be responsible for payment and that I COULD NOT SPEAK TO HIS MANAGER. He was not accommodating, unappreciative and failures as a customer service anything. His approach as a call center manager is abrasive and I am thoroughly pissed. I feel as if I was suckered into buying a product that fails to comply with their own standards. I work in a claims environment and if I gave customer service in the manner of Mr. Robles I would expect my company to fail. All this being said I do not feel as if I am responsible for the $100 payment for the repair of my radio. If it were for a software upgrade Warrantech should have been notified me and I should have been given the option to have the repair done or to have my radio sent back. Mr. Robles stated that the biggest factor was getting my radio repaired. The biggest factor was having it taken care of by a service that I paid for. I most likely could have performed a software upgrade myself or found a local shop to take care of my needs. Mr. Robles also failed to contact the original handler of my claim named Martin. I asked him to put me on a three way call as I know what I was told I work in claims and I know how quickly stories change. Mr. Robles would not comply.

My biggest problem is that Warrantech has a flawed process and leave customers out to dry when they fail to give an option. I as a customer, and consumer feel that you all should know what is going on with the product you cover and should give the option as I was told you do to have my item repaired at my own expense or not. I understand that all companies want to make as much money as possible but that's like me telling you have insurance coverage then after you have an accident letting you know that there was language (not expressly written in your policy ) that I that states if you had the accident you owe the damages whether it is your fault or not. How would you feel if you received this information? I am looking for Warrantech to do right by me the customer and I will be sending this letter to each member of the upper management in Warrantech along with the Better Business Bureau.

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