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I have had several repairs on my refridgerator thru Warrentec. Today a repairman from GE came out because I heard noises like I motor trying to turn on unsuccessfully and the freezer not keeping temp (would vary by 15 degrees).

The repair man tried replacing a part with one not made for my refridgerator unsuccessfully and then got a compressor with the right part from the truck. One of the pieces was broken and he said it would be a week to replace it. The repairman then tried kicking the compressor saying it sometimes got it to start running. After this the compressor gave out and I am now left without a running refridgerator.

I spoke with Warrentec twice and once with a supervisor. They refuse to do anything except require me to wait a week for the part and will not pay for food spoilage unless I repair current refridgerator. I have had several other problems with this refridgerator (the door seals have been replaced three times, the computer pannel was replaces, the temperature display replaced an the ice maker too) and feel that they should offer to pay to replace the unit at this time.

Warrentec is a joke and they do not care if you have a working product or not. Even when a replacement would be cheaper, they keep you running throught hoops with useless repairs.

Monetary Loss: $1600.

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I bought a Samsung fridge through HH Gregg in 2012 with an extended warranty. This fridge went out 2 weeks ago.

It took 4 days to get someone out to look at it and I'm still waiting to have it fixed.

I will NEVER buy another item from HH Gregg because they have this company handling warranties. It's been the worst experience and excuse after excuse.


I have a Mitsubishi 73' Tv that has been serviced at least 5 times already. The Big Screen Store here in Towson (Baltimore), just washed their hands of the situation.They informed me to let the service center make the repair.

So far they replaced the optical imagine twice, then the DM Chip and now the main board. Oh wait I forgot the Tv was over heating. Warrant tech is straight *** because they like others gave been giving me the run around.

Don't buy these guys warranty because its your money going down the drain. Its been a month since I have seen my Tv..

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