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I have been on the phone w/Warrantech 3 times today. I bought a new washer and dryer and was talked into getting an extended warranty!!

Like an ***, I bought it! I bought the washer and dryer in Sept. of 2008. They were stored in the boxes they came in from the store until July 2009 when I moved them into my new home!

Well, last night my washer had some major issues!! I called the store where I had bought my washer and dryer, they refered me to the local repair folks, who in turn told me that I had to contact Warrantech to get the pre-authorization. I called Warrantech, and after being on hold for 15 minutes talked to a gentleman who, even with having all the info infront of him, asked me for the model #. I was at work and didn't have access to it, but he stated he had to have it .

I hung up, called back the store where I bought my washer, got the serial and model numbers and then called Warrantech back. I was on hold for another 15 minutes. When I was connected with a representative, I was then told that my warranty only covered major issues, I.E. if the transmission went out, they would only cover the parts.

I then called the store where I bought my washer back, and they advised me to call back Warrantech and ask for a supervisor. I did, and after another 15 minutes on hold, was connected to the representative who I had talked to the second time. He put me on hold for another 7 minutes before I was transfered to a supervisor who told me that unless I could prove that I had comprehensive warranty, there was nothing they could do. The store has been telling me the warranty I was sold should cover everything that the manufacuterer's warranty did!!

After this, I will not ever get an extended warranty w/Warrantech!! Paid for something I can't use! Have a washer I can't use, and don't have the money to fix!

Warrantech is a joke!!

Monetary Loss: $498.

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This is so true. What a shame.

The worst customer service and waste of time and money.Jerks!

The superviser was worst than the representative. I will make sure to never purchase anything from them.

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