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Called on 11/29 because our GE fridge was not cooling. Tech came out on Friday around 1pm said the circuit board needed to be replaced.

Replaced it and said to leave it off until evening. Turned the fridge back on at 9 pm. Checked it in the am not cooling. Called the repair man he was rude and said if we didn't like his work we should call someone else but he wanted his parts back.

Called Pacific Sales were told we had to go with the same company because he had been paid. The same tech came out (said he is the only tech for this company World Appliance Servcies) at 3:00 pm. Took freezer door off and parts and said the problem was the fan motor. Said he didn't have the part and it was too much work to put the door back on and he would have to leave it until probably Tuesday when he got the part.

Called Warrantech and asked them to please send someone else. They said they couldn't. The tech called on Monday and said he had the part. Came out on Monday at 3 and replaced a thermostat and 2 sensors.

When the put the fridge back together the fan motor would no turn on. Said he would come back tomorrow. I said you cant' leave me without a fridge again. He said well I have to take it all apart again.

I said do what you have to do but I need a fridge. He said he thought it was the fan motor. I said you just replaced it, he said he didn't replace it because it was working. I told him on Saturday he said it wasn't working, he said he changed his mind.

Changed his mind? Seriously? I argued that's not what he said but he said that this is what he was saying now. He worked on it some more and got it work again but if he put the top drawer of the freezer the fan wouldn't work.

He said he had to leave the drawer out. I told him the drawer is part of it and needs to be in. He said he wasn't responsible for it not working if I insisted on the drawer being in. He said he was done and that he was leaving.

My husband happened to come home right before he left and noticed that water was leaking in the freezer. He pointed this out to him and the tech said it was normal because it wasn't freezing yet. I have never had a newly installed fridge leak water. He used a towel to dry up the water and then commented that the door was loose.

I told him you're the one that put it back on. He said "Oh... have a goodnight" and walked out the door. I called Warrantech and was told they would get back to me tomorrow.

I asked for them please to not send the same tech, again I was told they would get back to me tomorrow. It's been about 2 hours since he left and the refrigerator is not working. I will never buy another warranty with Warrantech. Consumer beware ask who the warrant is with.

If it is with Warrantech do NOT buy.

Monetary Loss: $2200.

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I would first like to sincerely apologize for the lack of service that you have experienced while filing a claim on your refrigerator. Please understand that our goal is for each of our customers to receive service from reputable and professional individuals whose job it is to ensure that you repair is completed to satisfaction. It is obvious that this has not been your experience. I would like an opportunity to speak to you personally regarding the number of issues that have occurred in regards to the repair of your refrigerator as well as an opportunity to rectify the situation. If you will please email your contact information to and request that it be forwarded directly to me, I will contact you at your earliest convenience to discuss the matter further. I greatly appreciate the opportunity to earn back your trust and look forward to speaking with you soon.

Thank you,

Jennifer Wright

to Jennifer Wright/ Warrantech Pr Mesquite, Texas, United States #595309

Warrantech isn't a bad company for the consumer to rely on. I am an appliance service tech and we work with warrantech as well.

It seems to me that you got a really bad repairman, a "parts changer" is what we call them. There are a lot of them around and you always have to be careful who you call.

Keep in mind that you always get what you pay for... 8)

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