I purchased an extended warranty from Warrantech Consumer Products for my 37 inch flat panel. The warranty was supposed to be on site.

When I called the company for a repair they said that they will be sending me a box to ship my TV, to San Diego. The repair company in San Diego, Orbital General Electronics, has very bed reviews, when I called them to get some info on who I am going to ship my TV to and asked about the number of technicians they have, they refused to give me any info.

I called Warrantech back and asked for another outfit to fix my TV, but they said that was the only one they dealt with. My warranty has only a month left on it and I will not use these people again.

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purchased a 57 inch tv with extended warranty. paid $300 for the warranty--now need to use it.

called warrantech they said that they didnt have my info (meanwhile i was looking at the paperwork with the warranty info while on the phone with them). called the store where i purchased the tv--they said that they will fax it to warrantech and to call warrantech back in 24 hours. warrantech said that i received mis-information from the tv store and that it takes 3 to 5 days for them to process my info. so i called the tv store back-they said that they have a contact at warrantech and sure enough they did.

next step was to go thru the process of filing a claim with warrantech. they diagnosed my tv over the phone-said i needed a new bulb and they would ship it out in 3 to 5 days--its now the 10th day and no bulb yet. they wont give me the tracking # so i can follow it with delivery co. they also said that i need to send the old bulb back within 7 days or else i will be charged $250.

i looked warrantech up on better business bureau and they have a c- rating. most of the complaints against warrantech are very similar to mine.


I guess it is good to know that I am not the only one that has a problem with Warrantech. My 42" plasma went out on the 28the of June, I was told on July 5, 2011 after me doing all the calling.

That it wass being replaced. Today is July 22, 2011 and I still do not have a Tv. I have been that the replacement TV was shipped out on the 15th of July. And told by the shipping company that the tracking number I was given by Warrantech was an item sent to Buffalo, NY.

I live in Arkansas..... Now they say it is being rerouted and I should get it next Tues. Which will be almost a month this has been going on. I have started email the company.

(info@warrantech.com) I send several a day. And I fill out the feedback form on their web site.


I bought a new Toshiba LCD TV/DVD Combo from Electronic Express and soon after I starting having problems with the DVD player. I called NSI warranty services December 2010 to explain the problem in hopes of getting an authorization for repair.

The DVD would not eject and was making a terrible noise. I thought my warranty protection plan was through NSI Protection Plan and I had hopes of an in home warrant repair as all my other electronics have. But I ended up having to ship it off and after waiting several weeks I finally got it back. It seemed to work properly and I thought the problem had been fixed.

A few weeks later I received a letter from Warrantech advising that their records indicate that upon diagnosis by Orbital Electronics my TV was found to be in good working order. It was the DVD player that was broken, not the TV. Warrantech says that I owe $120.00 for a “No Problem Found” based on a diagnosis from Orbital Electronics. The extended warranty was only $99.00 so this doesn’t make a lot of sense.

They further state that they have suspended service on all of my contracts pending payment. I consider this matter deceptive and fraudulent.

After speaking to several people with NSI Protection and Warrantech no one was able to help me. I have been doing a lot of research on Warrantech and Orbital Electronics and I was wondering if anyone else has a problem similar to this situation.


In the same boat as the original poster, supposed to be an in home warranty but was made to ship it to Orbital, took three weeks just to get the box here, shipped tv out and now been approx. a month since I first called.

Who knows how long till I get the tv back... This really is outright fraud in my opinion.


I bought an extended warranty because I too was told it was an home repair service. Lets see...

my TV has been gone for 5 weeks and no one seems to know when they will have it done or if I will get a replacement.

I will never buy a TV if this is the only warranty option. I am beyond frustrated :cry


The day after I filed this report Repairmaster Warrantech left me a message andsaid they wanted to try to "ease my frustration". I returned their call and explained the entire situation to Theresa, she was very understanding and apologetic regarding my experience and was able to expedite my settlement and get an additional $600.00 added to the original $1194.99 which gave me an amount that brought me much

closer to the price of a comparible replacement television.

It was a very frustrating experience but they did come through in the end. Thank you Repairmaster for stepping up to make things right.


Buy a warranty from Repairmaster Warrantech at your own risk. I bought a 56" D-ILA television for more than $3000.00 (not including tax or warranty) and warranties totaling over $369.00 from Repairmaster / Warrantech.

Before I bought them I called their customer service to make sure it covered the "light engine" because research told me it was a very expensive part, I was told that was a covered repair. 3 and a half years later (with a year and a half left of the 5 year warranty) the light engine went, I called and was again told by the representative it was covered. They sent a tech out (about a week later) and he confirmed that was the part that failed on the TV. Called Repairmaster / Warrantech again and was told it would be a week before they made a decision, a week later I was told they weren't going to fix the TV but replace it and they'd contact me in about another week or so to tell me what they were going to replace it with.

Well a week later they told me they were going to replace the TV with a Mitsubishi DLP which is not in any way comparable to the television it would be replacing (would YOU take a Geo to replace your BMW?) so I asked what the cash out option was and was told $1194.99, the cost of the Mitsubishi. I researched for a week and couldn't find ANY TV in that price range even close to comparible. I opted for the cash out anyway, figuring I'd have to put about $800.00 of my own money with it to get something even close to comparable and was told it would arrive in the form of a gift card in 3 to 5 days, when it didn't come I called again (several times) and I'm still waiting (it's been a month and a half since the problem started). Not only do I feel ripped off but lied to as well.

Time will tell if I see any settlement at all, or if I have to take them to court to get my measly settlement. I've since read reviews on others who have had bad dealings with Repairmaster / Warrantech and thought I'd add my voice to the group in hopes of helping others to avoid the disappointment and frustration I've experienced. Had there been reviews of this company back when I was looking for the warranty I certainly would have passed on buying my extended warranties from Repairmaster / Warrantech.

I've read many good reviews on the Square Trade warranties sold on Amazon (they currently pay the price you paid for the TV if they opt not to fix it, not what THEY consider to be a comparable unit) when I do get my replacement I certainly won't be looking to Repairmaster Warrantech to purchase my extended warranty, Square Trade here I come! This review has been my experience with this company, your results may vary, only you can decide if you want to take a chance on having a similar experience.


In Oct. 2009, we reported repair needed for our TV purchased from Belmont TV and requested service from RepairMaster (Warrantech) using our extended warranty.

We were assigned authorization #4102478-00-TDL. We were told to schedule service with A1 Service. They picked up our TV and kep it for about 3 months before telling us that the TV could not be repaired. We had attempted to obtain a response from them on the status of our tv repair by calling several times, but never received a response.

We finally received notification from RepairMaster stating that our claim would have to be reviewed after we notified them that the TV still had not been repaired and that A1 had been unresponsive to our inquiries. RepairMaster told us that they would need to obtain a quote for comparable replacement from Belmont TV where we purchased our TV. We contacted Belmont TV and they said that they had provided RepairMaster with an estimate to replace our TV with a $1999 Toshiba. They also stated that the quote had been sent by email to Olivia Gilliam.

We have contacted RepairMaster on several occasions asking if we can obtain the offer to replace our TV. Repeatedly we have been told that information needs to be "entered in their system" before we will receive an offer. The last note was that they were waiting for additional information from Belmont TV. Customer service has not been responsive from RepairMaster.

The typical wait time on a call is 15 - 30 minutes. I asked to speak to a manager and have never been transferred to one. I was told there was only one on the floor and no one available. Several times I was told that someone would call back which never happened.

There seems to be a general lack of interest in resolving our problem or providing any assistance. They also give you the run around saying they are waiting for someone else to document something or receive something but no progress is ever made to resolve the problem.

I feel they have stolen the $399.95 we paid for this extended warranty and the TV we paid $3,499.88. We have been left with absolutely nothing for the money we spent except frustration and dissatisfaction.


sound like alot of consumer error on you guys part,yur expecting one thing and getting another,where in your warranty does it state that things will be done when you want them too,you expectaion are extremly high,have you took the time to read your warranty boolet,oh let me guess the store didn't give you one,people get a life

to john jay Carlsbad, California, United States #717176

john works for Warrantech :cry


Good afternoon,

Not sure if this has ever been addressed but thought I would pass on. I had purchased a 50 inch plasma TV about 3 years ago and purchased the extended warranty offered by Warrantech.

The policy was a door to door replacement coverage. Paid around $300 for the coverage. Let me layout the situation: 2 weeks ago my TV went black during watching it so I turned it off, I turned the TV on again to make sure there was an issue when I did this the TV started to buzz I immediately shut it off said a few flavorfull words and then began to look for my service papers. I located the papers and called Warrantech to start a claim.

He made me aware that if there was any physical damage to the TV I would be liable for the repair. While I was getting info off the TV and speaking to the rep the screen started to crack. I made him aware of this while we were talking and he said he would get a tech out. I asked him about the physical damage aspect and he said if there was noticeable damage like it had been dropped or something dropped on it.

I was put on hold for about 5 minutes and he came back on telling me they could not locate anyone in our area that did warranty work for them and I should call back in a week and they should have someone. I took it upon myself to do some research and found that A&E Services did in fact do work for them and all they needed to do was get a authorization number. I called Warrantech back and gave them the info and they setup an appointment 2 weeks later for today the 7th. I received a call this morning from a tech from A&E who advised me that I would be charged with the service call because of physical damage to the TV I questioned him on this and he said the crack is physical damage.

Again this is a crack in the plasma itself not the glass protection. I told him what had happened and he informed me that it did not matter there was a crack and that was physical damage. I asked him about what happened and he said he could no longer diagnose the TV due to the crack so there is no way for him to say if it was done internally or not. I called Warrantech and spent about an hour on the phone with one of their supervisors.

To make it as short as possible he told me as soon as the screen cracked my warranty was void. I asked him about if a tech was out and repairing the TV and the screen cracked would it be covered and he said no there is physical damage. I thought to myself about physical damage and think there are others with me, physical damage is that something dropped or damaged externally I would of never thought an internal piece would be considered physically damaged if it failed. He then told me I should have also purchased the screen protection plan.

This plan was never offered to me when I purchased their regular plan. So buyer beware if you buy a plasma TV really look over the warranty papers and make sure the full TV is covered and the physical damage is spelled out to a T otherwise they have you. I think these companies know that if the TV has a failure the plasma will crack and they can then void the warranty and do not need to replace or repair anything. Nice little loophole there.

I have since emailed the corporation in hopes that maybe somebody would have the power to fix this situation but I believe I am talking to a wall. Thanks for your time and reading of my problem.

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