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My husband and I recently purchased a new home. Not even three weeks after moving in the house we got a leak in our master bath toilet.

According to Warrantech our policy was on hold so I called my realtor to get to the bottom of the situation and they tried to say that the policy hadn't been paid for even after the check had been cleared and that we had a confirmation number and the policy should be in full force. Well this all happened on October 22nd. After numerous phone calls we have been bounced around, jacked around and been fed line after line of ***! Well then these people have the nerve to tell me that we didn't get a home inspection so the policy is on hold for 30 days.

Well what does that mean I have to wait 30 days before you will fix a leak? Are you flipping kidding me? Do you know how much damage that's going to end up being? My realtor the seller of the house we bought realtor and myself have been wasting hours of our life we will never get back talking to their worthless customer service department as well as their worthless supervisors.

I am working so hard for this piece of *** company to just give me back the money paid for this warranty so I can fix the *** problem myself and turn around and buy a different warranty by a company that actually does their job. Every time you call they tell you they can't do this and that. Then they wanted a copy of our appraisal since we didn't have a home inspection so we did that still nothing is done. Meanwhile I have a gaping hole in my ceiling.

I am on a mission to spread the word about this very horrific company, their horrific service, their horrific claims process, their horrific business habits and the way that they are ripping customers off left and right. I will not rest to the whole world knows that this company is full of sh**. After further reading their warranty coverage it outline more of what they won't cover then what they will. The warranty is complete *** NOTHING is covered.

I want the money back from the warranty and I want to be done with these losers completely. I have never dealt with such a dishonest, crooked, business in all of my life and I hope they are wiped out of existence. If I had a chance to choose my warranty prior to it being purchased on my behalf by the seller of my house I would have done the adequate research to know that this company was comprised of a bunch of crooks. I will be damned if I sit back and let this leak continue to destroy my house for months on end like I have seen other people deal with from this company.

I will call every lawyer, BBB, and person I can even if I have to go to my congressman I will. I am tired of companies like this thinking that they can take advantage of consumers and get away with it.

NO where in their documentation does it require you to have a home warranty prior to making a claim and by state law it is not required. The bottom line is this company is full of sh** when its time to pay for repairs that should be covered!

Review about: Warrantech Warranty.

Monetary Loss: $409.

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