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Have had 6 service calls for our $3000 Samsung refrigerator. 4 months later they deem it cannot be repaired.

Claims they emailed us an offer. Take $1100 in cash or get a refurbished replacement if the same model! Asked them to send me the email to the right email address- state they cannot do that. Asked why replacement value is a third of what we paid-they state that every service call including labor and parts are deducted from amount we would have received.

WTH??? Customer service reps are the rudest and have no clue what they are talking about. When asked to speak to a supervisor- none available. Have asked at least 5 different times for a return call from a manager- still waiting!

I will not give up!

Contacting my attorney tomorrow and will use every outlet to expose this company! They should be imprisoned for fraud and theft of my $$.

Product or Service Mentioned: Warrantech Refrigerator Warranty.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I'm in the same boat! $2000 frig.

They want to send me $700 Because that's what i have left from my warranty after the deductions of my repairs!!!! Meanwhile, still no frig. 1 month later....never any managers available, given the run around every time I called, and I called in a daily basis.

A mass Tort Suit should be filed against them. They are nothing but liars, and crooked thieves.

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