Warrantech Refrigerator Warranty Reviews

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J have been without a working refrigerator for over a month now. I purchased an extended warranty and after 4 attempts the techs have been unable to repair. They are refusing to replace the unit and don't return my calls. There warranty company is even worse than they are. Warrantech is completely incompetent and they NEVER seem to have any answers and refuse to resolve my issue. My daughter has a special diet and I have had to go through...
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The compressor of my 4 year old LG refrigerator blew up for the second time over 3 weeks ago. After being told that my 5 year extended warranty did not cover this second repair, Warrantech back tracked and decided to fix the unit in spite of my vehement protests that I certainly owned a lemon. After 3 weeks of being patronized by a wide variety of customer service (sic) agents as their supervisors were always in meetings, I was informed by the...
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