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I purchased an Extended 5-year warranty from Warrantech for my Whirlpool washer. 2 years latter, it wouldn't work properly, so I called Warrantech.

They send over a local Service Tech to take a look. He concluded that the "spin motor board" would have to be replaced. He also mentioned that the repairs would probably cost too much, so he would recommend Warrantech replace it. It has been over 3-weeks now.

I have called Warrantech numerous times. Each time they say either they need more time to "review", or they need more information from the Tech. After 2-weeks of "reviewing" they said the Tech had now diagnosed that the Washer was clogged! The washer is NOT clogged.

The water drains w/o any problems.

After a "discussion" with their telephone operator, they decided to review my claim some more. I'm on my 3rd 3-5 day Review now.

Product or Service Mentioned: Warrantech Washing Machine Warranty.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Monetary Loss: $679.

Preferred solution: replacement of my Washer.

Warrantech Pros: Answered the phone.

Warrantech Cons: Does not propose any solutions, Gives lots of excusses.

  • extended appliance warranty
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How did you get in touch with them....I've been on hold several times for hours with no answer.

Please help.


The number I used was 1-888-825-2678.

My recommendation is to contact the Better Business Bureau. I did that

and within 7 days, Warrantech gave me a store credit.

You might also want to "contact" them via this Web site:


Probably won't do anything, but I'm of the opinion that if you want results from them, you have to try as many things as possible. Maybe it will work, maybe not.


This is a no brainer; these people sell insurance policies.

If you're not satisfied with their performance and agreement they made with YOU as the purchaser, you simply complain to your state insurance commissioner.

Trust me (speaking from past experience), the last thing these companies need is for pissed off consumers pounding on the insurance commissioners doors, since they have to be licensed in each state where they do business.

Past experience: I had (and still have) an extended warranty by some outfit in Salt Lake City.

Transmission started going out. I had it diagnosed by one of their "approved" shops.

When their inspector finally showed up (3 days later), he determined that since the car was used, they would replace it with a used transmission. I said fine, so long as it's still covered under my 5 yr warranty.

After they balked, I told them they would also pay for my rental car (two weeks) because their ineptitude in getting this resolved causing me to take time off from work and find other transportation. I simply filed a complaint with BOTH California and Utah insurance commissioners and refused to deal with their phone calls until my car and rental was paid for.

Not only did they get my car repaired, they paid for the rental and DOUBLE refunded the rental because of the time and trouble I went thru. They companies hide behind their agreements and phones - you simply need to know how to make them sweat.


Thanks for your suggestion. I'll try making a complaint to the

State Department of Consumer Affairs.


We are sorry to hear that your Washer concerns have not been resolved. We recommend contacting your extended service plan provider to resolve your concerns.

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