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I purchased an ASUS Tablet for $170.57 and SmartGuard 13 Month Tablet Accident Protection Plan by Warrantech for $21.96 from Amazon on 3/29/15 for my son’s birthday.

Early September the tablet was accidentally stepped which cracked the screen and the unit would no longer turn on. On 9/15/15 I placed a claim with Warrantech for the cracked the screen. They sent a shipping label and Lifetime Service Center received the unit for repair on 10/15/15.

Approximately 2-3 weeks later I received the tablet back after several delivery attempts because I had no notice from Lifetime or Warrantech I would be receiving a package that required a signature. The screen was repaired, the tablet powered on and programs/apps functioned normally. Since the tablet is my son’s it does not get used daily and is powered off after each use. The battery life is quite long and it was another couple weeks before we needed to charge the unit for the first time. When we plugged the charger in the tablet would not charge.

I called Warrantech on 12/1/15 to advise the unit would not charge. The CSR told me that I would need to call ASUS 888-678-3688 since a charging issue was not part of the warranty. According to his noted the tech stated the tablet was in working condition. I asked what functions were checked and if the tech plugged the charger into an outlet to be sure the unit charged. The CSR did not know so he gave me the number to Lifetime 716-632-0216 to research the issue myself. I then called Lifetime and explained the issue to the CSR. The tech was unavailable so she told me she would check and get back to me. She called later that evening and said the tech checked to be sure the tablet powered on and functioned but did not plug it in to see if it charged.

On 12/2/15 I called Warrantech back and they issued another shipping label to complete the repair. Lifetime received the package on 12/24/15.

More than 30 days later, on 1/27/16, I called Lifetime to check the status. The CSR told me that they advised Warrantech on 1/11/16 that the unit could not be repaired due to the parts being obsolete. I called Warrantech and the CSR told me that I have a Limited Liability warranty and due to initial claim costing a diagnostic fee of $29.90 and repair cost $129.40 for a total of $ 159.30 that I now have a credit of $10.70. I asked to speak to a supervisor.

Mario Vilmenay advised me that since I did not tell Warrantech that the tablet would not charge on the initial claim they were not responsible to fix this issue. I explained that when I called I had only reported that the screen was cracked. The unit would not power on therefore I would not know if it was able to charge or not. It was charging before the accident. When I received the tablet back the tech had not only fixed the crack screen but he fixed the unit not powering on which also was not reported during the initial claim. Mario said that someone above his pay-grade, Eric Lopez, would need to make the decision. Eric does not take phone calls but would investigate and call me back in 5-7 business days.

I feel, I was scammed by Warrantech. I paid $21.96 for a warranty to cover accidents. I placed a claim for an accident and the repair was admittedly not thoroughly checked by Lifetime before it was sent back to me. Now, Warrantech says it’s my fault for not advising of an issue I couldn’t possibly have known about due to the tablet not powering on after the accident.

Warrantech kept the tablet and will not give reimbursement for the $170.57 cost.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Monetary Loss: $171.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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