After to calling Warrantech about my broken TiVo, they told me to send the unit to another company that would repair it. After a over a week I called Warrantech and they didn't know the status of my TiVo.

They told me to call the repair company that as I found out doesn't even repair products, they just test for failure, then Warrantech either sends you a new product or a check/voucher for a new unit. I had to call to find out the status every time. They never contacted me. They originally said it would take 7-12 days for the whole process.

It looks like it's going to take more like 28 days not including weekends and 2 holidays. On top of that I was informed that the information on my TiVo hard will not be returned to me. And now I'm trying to retrieve the cable card that was inside my original TiVo. They informed me that they will not reimburse me for the cable card after I was never told to remove the cablecard before sending the unit out.

I'm waiting on hold now to talk to a third person. This is unacceptable business.

If you have a choice, don't get Warrantech replacement service. Warrantech has terrible service.

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This is the absolute worst customer service I have seen or heard of us. The "kids" that answer the phone are nice enough, but management is useless.

NObody calls back or follows up. I have been waiting on my microwave for 2 1/2 months already.

They referred me to a service that couldn't fix it but couldn't "manage to provide the paperwork to support that it is irreperable. It's disgusting.


My refriderator was taken for repair last october, they said they can't fix it but wont replace it. Everytime i call they say i have to talk to a manager, the manager will call me back.

Or i should call back another time when a manager is there. They are never there and only once have they called back. That was after i told them i looked into lemon laws and found a lawyer that prosecutes these types of cases at no cost. A manager called that night and left a message saying he was ordering a replacement...that was months ago, i called back nothing was done to order a replacement.

This is the worst warranty service you can get! GRRRRR~~~


I agree with your comments. I would never purchase another product that is supported by a Warrantech warranty.

You might as well say it is just giving the money to them for NO service at all. Save your money.

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