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Purchased a new $2000 Whirlpool Gold refrigerator from hhgregg. Purchased the 5 year extended warranty to go along with that.

A very long story made short. Twice my family and i woke up to warm food in the freezer, and refrigerator. Both times the compressor went out. This time WT refuses to fix it.

They are offering me $700, because that is what i have left from my warranty after the deductions were made for the repairs I've had!!!!

I cant even wrap my head around this. So, we have been without a frig for a month...and things are still "pending" as I type this..constant forever holds, never a manager or supervisor available, false advertisement, liars and thieves.

Product or Service Mentioned: Warrantech Refrigerator Warranty.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

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Yours sounds a lot like my complaint about WT. I just posted a complaint about them re: the Premium Service Plan on my TV that I bought from HHGregg.

The T&C's say they'll reimburse the purchase price plus tax in the event they can't repair/replace the item. Now they're trying to low-ball their coverage, saying they've already spent money on repair attempts so they only owe me $425, not the full $599.99 plus tax as their own T&C's say. What I believe happened is that with HHGregg's bankruptcy and liquidation, WT can no longer replace items under warranty, which would cost them a lot less than reimbursing the full purchase price, so they've conjured up this method of adjusting the payout amount.

After reading their T&C's I'm convinced that I'm right and would prevail legally. I'll probably take the $425 rather than spend more time on this.


We are truly sorry for your concerns. As you have an extended warranty, you are asking the plan administrator in lieu of manufacturer to make determinations regarding repair or replacement of your Refrigerator. We recommend that you contact your plan administer to discuss your contract terms and offer further.


Would like my full $2000 refund. $500 for Food Spoilage since it happened twice!!!!

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