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I purchased an extended 5 year warranty from Warrantech through HHGreg. My dishwasher stopped powering up so I filed a complaint.

I later received a check for $106 for a $600 dishwasher! The letter states that they will only pay up to the purchase amount of the dishwasher. So, since it had been worked on before, they took the previous repair amount off the purchase price and it left me with $106 dollars! They said it was under the “terms and conditions” of the contract!

I suppose I should have read every word on the contract but who can do that while trying to purchase something? I feel it is a scam plain and simple. How can they sell insurance and then not honor their sale?

This just shows how greed is killing America. I am not done with them yet but how much does someone fight for $500??

Product or Service Mentioned: Warrantech Warranty.

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Same thing just happened with us.

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