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Their job is to deter you from calling for service. I purchased 4 policies for 4 kitchen appliances (big mistake) and only called on one after almost 5 years of use.

I was told that if the tech couldn't identify problems I would have to pay for the visit! So I'm supposed to wait until the unit is totally dead? I told her there was an obvious problem and I wanted to do a preventative check up.

I almost felt sorry for the lady who was trained to provide a deceptive service.

The founding members of this company should be ashamed of themselves (they're still around). I'm sure they didn't cook up this scheme years ago in TX, or did they?

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Scam i paid 398.00 and never got service for 10 days, we got our local service and paid for the repair


The best person to complain to is whoever sold you the warranty. Did the appliance store sell you the warranty? Where did you buy the warranties?


warrantech is not a scam if the consumer wants preventive care then they need to discuss it with an insurance provider before paying for sometning it will not cover, have you ever tried to get a brand new tire repaired because of road hazard? To finish i am a servicer who accepts warrantech and deal with whiners all the time.

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