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10/21/2017 - I called Warrantech to submit a claim for my Smart TV. There are white dots on the screen that never goes away and one of the USB slots isn't working.

The first rep that I spoke to on the 21st gave me a RO# and said a service provider would be calling me with 24-48 hours to set up an appt to repair the issues. Never got the call. 10/26/2017 - Called Warrantech again to find out why a service rep never reached out. It took them 56 minutes to answer the call!

That is absolutely outrageous. The rep said the reason why no service rep called is because they never completed the claim and I was supposed to be transferred to a tech rep on the 21st to go over the issues. After that, they would send out a service provider. So she transfers me to a tech rep and he asked a ton of questions.

When we went to look at the USB port, we realized a black piece was missing and it must have fallen out from using it (probably why it wasn't working). So I told him something seems to be missing from that port and that's probably why it isn't working now. He puts me on hold for 5 minutes then asked me to take a very close up picture of all the USB ports and text it to him. I sent him the pictures then he puts me on hold again for another 5 minutes.

Comes back to say he knows whats wrong with the screen and that it was a panel issue, but the USB port is missing a plastic black piece and called it a malicious physical damage so the whole warranty itself is voided and they will not cover anything for that TV. They said any physical damage on the TV (which pretty much means a tiny scratch on it) completely voids their warranty. I am appalled that this company is still in business. I still have the plastic on the border of my TV, that's how well I take care of it.

The black piece from the USB probably came out when I used it before, but to say it was maliciously done? You have to be kidding me. Why did he even bother asking for pictures? He could have saved all of us time by saying if the piece is missing they consider that physical damage and the warranty is basically voided, but he knew what he was doing.

I told him this was fraud and their contract rep who reached out to sell me the warranty never ever mentioned anything about physical damage and for them to consider a plastic piece missing from the USB port "physical damage" is absolutely ridiculous. The piece fell out somehow and they called it physical damage. I told him to forget about fixing the USB port and to just fix the screen, but he said he couldn't do that cause my warranty basically no longer exists due to the black plastic piece missing. Spoke to his manager and he wouldn't do anything saying it was a "policy issue" so to reach out to customer service, the same number where I had to wait 56 minutes to even speak to anyone!

I hope you guys all sleep well knowing you take peoples hard working money then find any excuse possible to not have to repair any issues. Never ever buy an extended warranty from Warrantech and HHgregg should find another warranty service provider because Warrantech Company is a FRAUD!

Product or Service Mentioned: Warrantech Tv Warranty.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Monetary Loss: $166.

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