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After two hours on the phone yesterday and countless e-mails, I can only say that Warrantech's customer "service" is awful. There warranty is also not worth the paper it's printed on. Basically, I had a single key that wasn't working on my laptop. I had properly registered my warranty.

Despite these facts, I was required to e-mail three times so that they could "confirm" my warranty. No one ever got back to me about "confirming" the contract. Instead, I called and called and e-mailed.

Eventually, I was told that I could send the laptop at my expense so that they could review the problem. Then, if the problem was resolveable and they had the part the key would be replaced.

This whole process would take a minimum of two weeks and would, again, be at my cost.

When I eventually spoke with a representative I was told this was "company policy." Great policy - be careful and do not purchase their warranties, which are sold through J&R music.

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