Some people do not under stand their contract and what it details - It's simple as calling the company and requesting a copy of the terms and conditions and they will email or mail then to you in a few days . Then read it and know what the policy you bought covers ..

that way you know what is covered and not covered. Also try and be polite to the reps. they are only doing their job.. being rude and all that gets you no where in life .

You have policies at your job so does Warrantech. The customer service reps. are kind , friendly, out going , and will help you understand your policy if you allow them . Just FYI you can get more bees with honey ...

try being nice This is a extended warranty and it only covers elc and mech problems .. so called the company that made your product for handles,gaskets, trays ,drawers. The warranty does not cover bug inf. so spray your home and keep it clean from rats,roaches, etc.

let's use some common sense please ! Plus respect comes two ways - you give and you get it back ...

Reason of review: Reliable warranty.

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