Stafford, Virginia

I visited h.h. Gregg during the holiday because of their sales and marketing. I was told by my elderly family in Ohio that the h.h. Gregg stores were high quality and based on this information I was very excited to hear that Virginia would now have a h.h. Gregg near me. I went into the store located at Carl D. Silver Parkway in Fredericksburg, VA where I purchased a new range and refrigerator for my home. I called your corporate office on Dec 14th to request assistance with an issue with my refrigerator and stove that were purchased July 22, 2015 order number (J70-009196). The refrigerator was not making ice and the oven self-cleaning item would not work.

Initially I was told that Warrantech did not have proof of the extended warranty that I purchased. Because I had a copy of the receipt I was asked to have my copy sent forward. I did this only to find out that the receipt that I had been provided had been changed. The refrigerator that I purchased was written up by the store incorrectly, and the persons who had helped me at the store were no longer employed by the company. As a result I spent 2 -3 days with the h.h. gregg Company to attempt to get the receipt corrected which reflected my purchase of the extended warranty. After three days, I called back to h.h. gregg corporate to find out if the receipt had been corrected and sent to Warrantech. I was told at that time that the receipt was sent and to wait two days and call Warentech back. I waited the allotted time and then I called Warrantech again regarding scheduling an appointment to have the refrigerator repaired. I was then told that the receipt reflected that the purchase was made that week and therefore would not fall under the extended warranty. I called back to the Gregg corporate to ask that the receipt be fixed. After waiting on hold for more than 1 hour, I was transferred to another person at a different location and was told it would take their office 3 days to get this issue resolved. After the three days of waiting and not receiving a phone call I went to the Gregg store in central park in Fredericksburg, VA at this time I met with a store manager who was more than willing to try to help me. He sent in email request to his corporate office to try to get the issues resolved. He told me this would take about 2 more days. I waited the 2 days and then called Warrantech back to try to schedule an appointment to have the refrigerator repaired. At this time, I was provided the name of a company that could complete the repair. I called and I was told that the company would order the parts and then contact me when the parts arrived. After three days, I received a call from this company stating that they cannot complete the repair because the parts are delivered in more than 100 pieces and that they cannot have their technician to repair this.

I called Warrantech back to ask for other numbers for those individuals who can complete repairs and I was told they would try to find someone. After waiting another 2 days and calling back I was told that they were still trying to find someone to complete the repair.

I then called the better business bureau for assistance and the local news station to try to get the issues resolved. I was told at that time to try once more to get the issues resolved with Warrantech and with h.h. gregg and that if I could not they would be willing to look into this situation for me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Warrantech Warranty.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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