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I have grown very frustrated with this company and I essentially feel powerless to do anything about the fact that they are refusing service. The bottom line is that I purchased a washer and dryer from Best Buy.

After two years, the inside liner of the washer rolled into some of the clothing and twisted separating it from the drum housing. I took a photograph of the machine with the clothing twisted inside. My wife called the warranty company and filed a claim to have the machine repaired. Several days later, a repair worker arrived at the house and examined the washer.

He informed me that he had seen this before and that it may require a new drum. He said sometimes when the machine is in the spin cycle, it spins so fast it gets off balance causing it to wobble at a high speed. He said he would order parts and return to make the repair. This is when the trouble started.

After approximately one week, I received a call regarding the washer. I later discovered the call was from the insurance company, Warrantech, (An AmTrust Financial Company)out of Texas. The person I spoke with identified himself as “Keith.” Keith asked me questions about the washer and what we used it for. I informed him that the clothing had become twisted inside the drum and I offered to send a photograph of it.

He said he would be completing his report and we got off the phone. A few days later, my wife received a call from the Trust Group stating the claim was denied. The reason she was given was that on the phone call with Keith, I had told him there was a quilt inside the washer causing it to malfunction. He said that was user error and therefore they would not be covering the claim.

After hearing this, I called AM Trust Group and requested clarity because there was never any quilt inside the washer nor do we own a quilt. I sat on hold for a very long time (approximately 55 minutes) in order to speak with a supervisor. I spoke with a manager, Jennifer Anderson. She was very nice and promised to look into the situation.

She requested an email of the machine which I sent that day. I sent the photograph to Jennifer Anderson via email on January 30, 2017. She requested I follow up with her by the end of the following day. On the following day, I called but I was unable to make contact.

I sent an email at 2:28pm California time: “You requested I follow up with you by the end of business today. I understand you are in Texas and in a different time zone and it’s nearing the end of the day for you. Have you made any progress on this? I did not receive any reply to this email.

I emailed again on January 4, 2017: Ms. Anderson, I trust this message will reach you between what I know must be a long line of to-do items. I am following up regarding our conversation. So far I still have not heard back from you and we still are without a washer.

Is there anything I can do to help this process along? Please provide an update as soon as possible. Thanks. 209-640-0***.

I did not receive any reply to this email. Between emails, I continued to call in an attempt to make contact with someone. Every time, I was routed to voicemail with no return call. On February 6, 2017, I sent another email: Ms.

Anderson, Please update me and my family regarding the status of our washer repair claim. I understand you are very busy and we appreciate the consideration. 209-640-0*** I am in training all day CA Tim 7:00am till 5:00 PM. If I do not answer, please leave a voicemail.

Thank you. I did not receive a call or reply to this email. On February 7, 2017, I called and requested another supervisor. This conversation was after waiting on hold for approximately 55 minutes.

(I continued my day while wearing Bluetooth earphones in order to be able to wait longer. I was connected with Marcia Criswell. She identified herself as a manager. I explained the situation to her.

She was also very nice and said she would look into the situation and would make contact with Jennifer Anderson who was not at work that day. She requested I send the picture to her. On that day at 4:22 pm I emailed the picture to her. I spoke with her on the phone the following day.

She had read through the notes and said she was going to escalate the claim because as she understands it, a quilt would not break a high capacity machine and she confirmed that in the notes there was a claim that I had mentioned a quilt. I suggested she get the recorded conversation I had with Keith and clarify for herself that I never mentioned any quilt. February 9, 2017, I emailed both Marcia and Jennifer: Thank you both for your work on this claim. I am still waiting for emails from both of you.

I know you both are very busy and I am trying to be patient regarding this process, however to this pint I have been told several times I would be contacted. The only contact being made is me calling in and waiting on hold to speak with someone. I am still in a house with six people, fourth athletes and no washer. I now being rude solves nothing but it’s feeling like I’m being ignored at this point.

Please help with this situation. I did not receive any reply. I called several times again before emailing on February 13, 2017: I’m asking again for some sort of acknowledgement that you have received my email and know of my many attempts to make contact. At 4:57 pm Marcia emailed: The pics have been received and forwarded to our Tier 1.

I have not received a response from them yet and will follow up. That day, 5:13 pm I received a voice mail from Marcia Criswell: “Hi, this is Marcia at Warrantec and this is in reference to your washer. I have received the pictures and they were sent out to our tier one. According to them a quilt was, first of all a quilt would not break the drum, crack the drum so since then we have been trying to get in contact with the service center because according to them, the only way the drum would be broken is if something inappropriate was being washed.

Now as soon as I get some details from our service center I will update our tier one and I will update you and give you a call and let you know what is going on. I do have the pictures and I see the clothes in there but weather it was a lot of clothes or a quilt, that would not crack a drum. So I keep calling the service center and I keep getting voice mail so I have sent them at least three emails. So as soon as I get an answer from them I will give you a call.

My number is 817-785-6369, Thank you. At 6:09 pm I emailed Marcia: Thank you so very much. I did get your voicemail. I will wait to hear if there is anything I can do to help this along.

I really appreciate you getting back to me on this. February 16, 2017, I emailed Marcia: Thank you Marica. I am off until tomorrow and 5:30 pm, so if you need to reach me my cell will work. On February 20, 2017 after hearing nothing from the company, I emailed again: Marcia, I am following up with you as we enter week 6 or 7 with no washer.

How is the process going? Is there anything I can do to help? To this date, I have not received a response. I would like to add that I did speak with the servicer (Appliance Pro Heros-Amy 510-785-1400 Ex 5) and they denied any claim that they reported any quilt or wrongdoing on our part.

They were quite upset and conducted a three way phone call in order to confront the company but we were unable to reach anyone for a resolution. I would appreciate any help with this, my next step is to go to small claims court. So far, we are still without a washer. Thank you for your help.

Q. Ruffin

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Warrantech Cons: Games, Run around, Long hold period, Unable to resolve repair issue, Supervisors not available.

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