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Our Samsung refrigerator started going out in October 2017. December, we had our first repair visit. The young guys from the Houlka Appliance reset the fridge to factory temperature. They assured us that would fix the issue. Well, it didn’t. We tried to schedule another visit but could never get Houlka Appliance to work with us. They actually told us that we would have to take off work because they don’t schedule appointments and they just show up whenever they’re in town. Well, that doesn’t work for us or for literally anyone in America. So, after that conversation we requested a different repair service.

Warrantech referred us to some place in south Mississippi. After we agreed on a date and time, they ended up being a no show. We waited 4 hours for them.

After that mishap we didn’t bother calling back. Warrentech pretty much said they didn’t have another option because there wasn’t another repair service in the area.

We reached back out to Cowboy Maloney’s again. After another month or so of back and forth with the manager we finally called the district representative who was able to quickly assist us and give us credit for our 2 year old refrigerator.

So, long story short after 5 months without refrigeration and of nonsense and back and forth between warrentech, Houlka appliance, and Bo Harrison we finally got a much smaller and a lesser of a refrigerator than before. I would never wish this experience on anyone. It has certainly been loss.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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