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I have tried SEVERAL times...I allowed Warrantech to pick up my TV TWICE, 1st time was without it for 8 days....2nd time, because it was not fixed the 1st time (obviously) was without the TV for 2 weeks. TV doing the SAME thing...had to call and "troubleshoot" with a tech BEFORE they would issue me an order #.

Keep in mind EACH AND EVERY time I called I waited for OVER 30+ minutes (I have screen shots) to get help (I HAD TO BE THE EYES AND HANDS TO TROUBLESHOOT) before getting ANYONE to "help" me and I use that word VERY loosely. I have sense expressed my dissatisfaction with the ENTIRE Warrantech "team" from the answering of my initial call ALL THE WAY to my most recent conversation with Joseph (ext 2012). I simply asked for an email address so I may send this to someone who might actually care about the way PAYING customers are treated. In my case I have spent (on this item) $249.99 for a 5 year warranty on my television.

I have (and I counted) a total of 7 warranties for different items I have purchased at various stores and this is just my experience in trying to get 1, yes...that's ONE of my items fixed utilizing the warranty I purchased. If this is in fact the kind of customer care...and how you "value" your customers I will tell EVERYONE ANYTIME ANYWHERE I am and I hear the sales person ask "Would you like an extended warranty on this purchase?" I will IMMEDIATELY (and I do not care where I am or what I am doing) ask "Is that extended warranty through Warrantec? as I am sure you know what will come out of my mouth next to those individuals that are contemplating on purchasing an extended warranty with Warrantec. If you are REALLY interested I have duly noted and documented each call, who I spoke with and the duration of as well as the outcome (or lack thereof).

I am hoping that SOMEONE actually cares about "us" the consumer AND customer. Eagerly awaiting a reply....Sheresa Carman (727) 768-6319 sheresacarman69@gmail.com

Product or Service Mentioned: Warrantech Tv Warranty.

Reason of review: Would like to check 7 of these!!!!.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Warrantech Cons: Lack of knowledge of the service reps, Attitude of customer service agent joseph ext 2012, Having to troubleshoot over the phone a 60 inch tv, Hold times plural, Customer service agents.

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Have been without myTV for over 2 months. Have had the parts for 3 weeks.

They scheduled an appointment with VTech they did not show up.

Called warrentech again have been waiting another’s 3 days no return call from either company. I think they are both Rip-off.

Sheresa C

Please, if you do not mind...I put my info public so that I may start compiling a list to hand off to the lawyer we are employing to hopefully start a class action suit. If you could provide your name, the item that was warrantied, along with purchase date, price and how long you have been trying to resolve the problem with Warrantec.

My email is sheresacarman69@gmail.com. thanking you in advance for you participation.

(I already have 4 names besides yours). I think the longer I leave it up here the better of a chance I have to get more people involved.

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