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My Toshiba HDTV failed while under extended warranty, both purchased from H.H. Gregg in 2014.

Per Warrantech I shipped the TV in for repair or replacement, but nothing happened. They promised it would be resolved within 7-10 working days. After 3 weeks I called and was told the TV could not be fixed, that under the warranty it would be replaced with a comparable model and that they would contact me within 3 business days. On day 3, a Friday, with no call-back I called Warrantech again and was asked to give them the weekend to resolve it, since H.H.

Gregg had gone BK and was liquidating, making replacement of the TV difficult. So I gave them another 4 days and am still getting the runaround.

The latest rep I spoke with said he couldn't even find my claim and was resubmitting it. Under the terms of the warranty, if they can't find a comparable model as a replacement they can reimburse me the purchase price of the TV plus tax, but large companies never like to give money back after they get it, so I expect more runaround.

Product or Service Mentioned: Warrantech Tv Warranty.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Monetary Loss: $860.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Warrantech Pros: Answered the phone.

Warrantech Cons: Unwillingness to honor warranty, Run around, Attempts to avoid giving service, Does not propose any solutions.

  • TV Warranty
  • Runaround
  • Poor Service
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I bought a washer and dryer set from hhgregg with an extended warranty from warrentech. Washing tore up twice.

This time they said they r not going to replace it. Or give me my money back. And it can't be fixed. That was from a supervisor after 40 days and many phone calls to them.

They suck. It's not far. I'm going to contact a lawyer Tuesday.

They lied. Cheated and don't give a @!!*&%$#.


Here are some additional details on my complaint. After the Warrentech customer service rep put me on a "brief hold" (over 40 minutes) I finally spoke with a supervisor to try to get the issue resolved right now.

The supervisor kept referring to a clause in the warranty terms & conditions that say that they take the price of the TV plus tax, deduct repair costs already incurred, and send me a check for the difference. The rep before her said that this was what the TV was worth now, not three years ago. I just read and re-read the terms & conditions and there is nothing of the sort in writing. It says clearly that if repair is not possible, they will "reimburse [me] in the amount of the purchase price of the product including tax." Nothing at all is mentioned about reducing the amount based on what it already cost them to try to repair it, nor is any mention made of depreciating its value.

Sales tax here is 7.5% therefore Warrentech owes me $644.99 for the TV plus tax as per the T&C's which their lawyers wrote. At this point they want to give me $425.99. I know that based on their own T&C's I'm in the right on this but I wonder if I should just take the $425 and never do business with them.

What I believe happened is that Warrentech got caught holding the bag for a bunch of warranties when H.H. Gregg went bankrupt, they don't have a replacement source now that HHGregg has liquidated its inventory, and it would cost them too much to follow their own rules to issue everyone a check for the full amount.

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