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Lamp on my TV went out on Sunday. I called my dealer Monday.

Dealer told me to call Warrantech because that is who my 60 month exted wty was with. After 17 minute hold was given "validation no." and told to call another person. After 30 minute hold was told I would need serial number and would have to call back at night from home. Called back at night, waited 18 minutes and was told that my policy did not include lamp.

Next day called my dealer back who called Warrantech and was told it did cover me but that I would have to calle them again. 8 min. Lonnie told me that my order had been coded wrong and he would have to email someone in a different department to fix it and he would call me when it was done. I did not hear from him so I called back (Wed now) and and was told it was corrected.

I ask why Lonnie did not call me back, they said "we have no way of knowing when it is corrected". Then (14 minute hold) Katia told me they could ship the lamp but I could pay $30 and have it shipped overnight or 5-7 days get it with free shipping. I said I wanted free shipping. Then she read that I would have to return the old lamp within 7 days or be charged for the unit plus have my contract canceled.

I told her I was going on vacation Friday for 2 weeks and a day and would not be able to return it within 7 days, she said I would be charged. I ask her could she not make a note and ship it a week later. She said no, that I could call when I got back and have it shipped then. I ask could she not make a note that I might be longer than 7 days in returning.

She said no. I then agreed to pay the $30 for overnight shipping.

I have spent almost 2 hours of hold time with them, 5 different phone calls to 5 different people and 4 phone calls to my dealer and had to pay $30 to hopefully have my tv working 5 days after it went out.

I hope the right part arrives tomorrow.

Monetary Loss: $98.

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I agree, most of the individuals were doing their job but the coding error was their error and it cost me an extra day and still another phone call and they did not call me back as promised. If I had waited until I had gotten back from vacation, it would have been another week getting the TV fixed.

My company is also in the service business and we would not be in business if we treated our customers as they do.

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While I can feel your pain in the run-around, I have worked doing these types of returns. I used to be a RMA clerk (return materials authorization); basically the person who would receive your broken lamp.

I can honestly say that Katia was probably following company procedure (for good reason). Do you know how much fraud there is in extended warranties? People would call up and say that there stuff broke, but then after receiving the new part, would simply sell or keep the old one.

That is why they have a strick 7 day period (a little stingy if you ask me, since the mail could misdeliver or be late). Honestly you should have just called back after you got home from vacation since you wouldn't have been using your TV anyway.

Atleasat they didn't try to rip you off by not getting the matter resolved properly.

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