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I bought a refrigerator that began having issues with freezing our food prior to our manufacturer warranty being up. Unfortunately the issues carried over and have continued now for over a year dealing with Warrantech.

What a joke they are. The first few claims Warrantech decided they would cheat the system and continue making all claims under the 1st claim I made. That way they did not allow the fridge to fall under the lemon law. They informed me that there had to be 3 claims before replacement.

I told them no they could not do that and needed process them separately. They continued to send out sub par workers who could not fix the issue. To this day we have a fridge that continues to freeze foods. I have video and photos of frozen eggs, frozen egg whites, frozen pickles, lettuce, veggies, etc.

At Thanksgiving I had to borrow the neighbors fridge as our fridge refroze our turkey. This has been an ongoing issue that consistently freezes our foods on and off in different areas around the fridge. Most often next to the side wall of the freezer. Recently our water and ice dispenser has begun making noises and not working on and off.

According to the most recent repair company its our plumbing making the problem and the noise. Yea ok tell me another one. This same repair person had previously visited our house and I told warrantech he was not allowed to set foot in our home again as he was rude and condescending, yet they chose to send him yet again. I had also told Warrantec I did not want the company Allen & Son's to be sent.

they told me They would send My Appliance Services instead. Who shows up? Allen & Sons and the same crooked and rude tech from before. Supposedly Allen & Son's is under the umbrella of My Appliance Services.

Nice *** there Warrantech. So Volody was once again in my home for all of about 5-8 minutes. Yes thats right. In that time he argued with me telling me the supposed noise was my house and then opened my fridge door, looked around it and then wrote up a work order for a new damper.

He then proceeded to leave till I asked what was wrong with the unit. He said the damper and handed me the paperwork then started to leave again. I said thats been replaced already and has not fixed the issue. He said he would order the part and I said I would call the warranty company as I was tired of the constant repeat bandages and nothing fixing the problem.

I then called and explained the situation and was assured I would get a call back from Warrantec. I did not. They never called of course and when I called them back I was informed that our service tech now claimed there was no problem with our unit and no need to fix anything. Interesting since I had his work order.

I said I wanted a manager to call me. NOTHING again. My husband and I then went to speak with Jessie the manager at Pacific Sales where we bought the fridge. He said they had the same issues with many people and no longer used that warranty company, yet here we are stuck.

he said he would contact them and see if he could get anywhere and have them call us. NO call yet again so after almost 2 weeks we called Jessie back. He informed us that according to Warrantech a Desmond Hunter noted that he called us back at 2:29 PM on April 29 and 10:34 am on May 1. Again lies.

I show NO calls on my phone logs. He claims he left a message. Again no message. I then went into speak with Jessie and have him call his internal number to Warrantec.

He did and I spoke with Calandra. Another pitiful excuse for a rep. She proceeds to tell me the claims are denied and that there would be no reason for Desmond to say he called if he really didnt. She claimed that our claim went up the chain of command and was denied by management.

I asked for names or ID #'s of those who denied it and she said she couldnt give them to me. I asked her for a copy of our plan ... she said she could send it to me. When I asked if she could send a copy to both myself and my husband she became defensive saying she was not allowed to email more than one person.

Once I argued enough she finally conceded and said she would mail to him as well as myself. Oh and did I mention she reminded me I should be thankful that they paid the service visits since they don't have to. What a joke. They take our money and then send shoddy workers who lie and are in cahoots with them.

This company is horrid. Run away and never use them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Warrantech Refrigerator Warranty.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Thanks, the same guy caught me too on a laptop warranty gone wrong. His name is Desmond Hunte, no misspelling of his last name. Everyone has an email address of first.last@amyntagroup.com Horrible service, they destroyed my personal property without permission and gave me back less than a third of it's value, nothing wrong with it but the battery wouldn't charge.


First of all Warrantech is a extened warranty company - if you are having issues in the first 12 months after buying a time reach out to the Manufacturer to get the item fixed not the extened warranty company .

Secondly , do not blame the extaned warranty that you allowed the issue to go on until your Manufacturer warranty runs out

Thirdly, some extend warranties policy covers food loss - all you do is keep a detail list of the food lost when the refrig was not working correctly and you had to trash that food . Then ask if the y have a food loss on your policy .


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