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I bought a dishwasher in 8/2014 from Pacific Sales. I paid PAC Sales, NOT anyone else, for a 5 year extended warranty.

If PAC used that money to buy a warranty contract with another company (apparently Warrantech), that was out of my control. I paid money to and contracted with Pacific Sales. The unit I bought was chosen based on manufacturer (I did not want GE, Amanda, Frigidaire, or Maytag, all brands with bad ratings. I wanted a stainless steel, not plastic, interior).

The unit I bought fit those criteria. It cost uninstalled about $415. In late 2015, the unit began to smell mildews after use. PAC Sales and its chosen warranty subcontractor refused to even look at the unit without payment, contending, without even inspecting the unit, that the problem no matter the cause was not covered by what we understood was a comprehensive warranty.

I was told to get out the manual, disconnect the unit from its power source, and unscrew the bottom section of the unit and inspect the insides myself. What great service. In the past year, the unit has stopped cleaning fully, even on the heavy cycle. The unit shuts down mid cycle.

The repair shops have sent 3 "repair" people, who collectively have spent less than 10 minutes during the 3 service calls. Ten (10) total minutes. Each of the service persons smelled of cigarettes and didn't even open their tool boxes. One who upon my insistence opened the unit and his tool box scoffed at my problem.

Each "fixed" the problems by telling me to run my hot water first for a few minutes and then use CLR regularly. None of them turned off the power source or opened up the bottom part of the unit, nor looked at the inside of the control panel. I've complained to Pac Sales and it's authorized agent Warrantech about the fraudulent service providers (who I am sure submitted payment requests from you and Warrantech), and noted that a simple internet search revealed that this was a sensor problem. I received a phone call from the bad Service provided to first set up another "inspection" call.

Before I returned that call (keep in mind that I told Warrantech to never send that worthless service company to my home again), they left me a new message. They were ordering the proper sensor, and would call when it arrived to arrange for a repair time. Then, on 9/25, I received a call from Warrantech telling me I would soon receive a call about replacing the unit. How we went from a sensor repair to replacement has not been explained.

On 9/27, at 5:45 a.m. PDT, my phone rang. It was Warrantech. I cannot tell you how stressful an early morning call is when you have family not nearby, but my husband and I were very distressed.

When I learned it was Warrantech, I told them to call back. Little did I know that after I called them back on 9/27 (approximately 35 minutes on hold) I would be offered $359.99 by check or an uninstalled, unwarranted inferior, not functionally the same, GE unit instead of the repair I requested. When I later called to (again, a 30+ minute on hold phone call) to reject the insufficient and warranty violating "offer", I asked to speak to a supervisor. I also was told that Warrantech had already "spent" money on my earlier claims (the 3 visits, totaling 10 minutes, by service companies apparently just stealing money from PAC Sales and Warrantech.

What a thing to say. You hire cheap, inferior service providers and that's MY fault? I was told they could not transfer my call to a supervisor but one would return my call in 24-48 hours. I accepted that situation, but said I wanted it noted CLEARLY on my file that they should not call before 7 a.m.

PDT. So, this morning, at 6:15 a.m. PDT, we received a supervisor call. Once again, the early call was emotionally stressful and against my express request.

I called Warrantech back on my way into work, waiting again on hold for more than 35 minutes. I asked to speak to a supervisor. I was again told the call couldn't be transferred. I told the representative that the supervisor could call me today at 1:30 PDT.

They called about an hour after that. My position is simple: We expected the warranty to be honored in good faith. The 2015 refusal to even send someone to inspect the unit was a bad faith breach, followed by three short non-productive service calls by lazy, fraudulent repair companies. Pacific Sales and its authorized agent Warrantech have breached their contractual obligations, and have done so in bad faith.

All have wasted hours of my time (my billable hourly rate is $300). I was sold a unit with problems, and a worthless warranty. Our settlement offer under applicable CA and Federal law, follows: we will waive all consequential damages (loss of work time and emotional distress by the bad treatment we have received), plus any punitive damages we would seek for fraudulently inducing us to enter into a worthless warranty behind which Pacific Sales did not stand, in exchange for a new dishwasher with a retail cost of no more than $800, with the stainless interior, not any of brands I listed above, installed for free, including all needed parts, free hauling away of defective unit, and a new full 5 year warranty on the new unit.

Had you and Warrantech seriously addressed the problems with the unit, it could have been repaired. Your breaches of contract and negligence, some of which appears intentional, led YOU to decide to replace the unit, but with an inferior, non equal product.

Product or Service Mentioned: Warrantech Claim.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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