4 Service calls, 5 major boards replaced with over a month in between correspondence with the company. TV is STILL not replaced.

Today, after escalation to the "Presidential Group" (2nd time this happened) and over a week delay until the first conversation and a week after they said they would replace the TV (both conversations prompted by my repeated calls to the company), they (Jean Lopez) said they would replace the TV and offered a model for me to "check out." I asked what determined the replacement and they said "features" on my old TV but he could not elaborate because he is not a "TV person." Why would they offer me a $950 TV when I paid over $1900 originally? "Comparable features" was Mr.

Lopez' response. Yet he could not explain what the features were and is not comparable because my current TV is a plasma and the replacement is an LED.

Truly a horrible company, terrible customer service and will avoid taking action at every occasion.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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