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Very good company I found for purchasing extended warranties. I have been to this company at least two or three times in the last month. The entire staff is super friendly! Love this location! I always purchased an extended warranty from them. Recently I bought an extended warranty for my dishwasher from them. One day I notice that my dishwasher doesn’t working properly and make lot of noise. I think something stuck in it. I called them and tell... Read more

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I worked at warrantech and it was the most disgusting place ever the supervisors never wanted to take customer calls and they were rude to employees also everything that they administrate is a scam every claim they classify as pre exciting so they won't fix it plus they use junk yard parts in your vehicle this is not the warranty place you want for your vehicle.

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Warranty my wife and I purchased through Warrantech was supposed to replace lost or stolen glasses. Instead after we payed our deductible, to our surprise they only gave us a portion of the cost to replace the glasses. If your short money, and not by a little...alot, thats false advertising. Well done. words to make it to 100 words is going to take awhile but i guess i just have to keep typing until i meet that magic number of 100 words,... Read more

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washer just over 2years old. Sent company to repair, changed lid lock -not working Came back after 2weeks with part from warrantech- wrong part - no washer 3weeks came back with correct part installed but still problems no washer 1 month Warrantech buys out washer, sends check but in my old company name. Called Warrantech says they closed account nothing she can do about reissue of check. I'm stuck with ***ed up washer and check that I can't... Read more

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I just got my TV back from Warrantech and it is working like new. I typically don't buy warranties because I feel that it is a scam. I was experiencing a distorted picture on my TV. Then I contact with Warrantech and tell them my problem. They told me that they fix the problem of the TV. After 2 or three days they contacted me to tell me that my TV is repaired and now I am happy that I took a TV warranty from Warrantech. I am very happy with... Read more

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In May of 2014, I purchased a 1499.00 dishwasher from HH Gregg and a very expensive protection plan through Warrantech. I have had multiple problems with this dishwasher. The latest has lasted over 4 months with the technicians coming out here multiple times to diagnose and replace parts. Today will mark the 9th time someone has been here for this problem. Even though my warranty has a lemon clause, and I have exceeded the limits of this part of... Read more

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Our 14 month old Kitchenaid refrigerator started getting ice build up, in the refrigerator section, behind the bottom drawer. 5 year extended warranty! Yay. Not. We requested repair from Warrantec. One week later on 8/3/16 it was "repaired". On 10/13/16 the ice was built up again. I made 11 calls in 6 days with no resolution. I was told to call several repair places. None of which serviced my area or would call back. I finally reached someone... Read more

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I filed a claim with Warrantech for refrigerator repair my unit has not been cooking properly. First tech came and went said it is a sealed system defect and they don't work on them. Ok fine called warrantech to see when the person who could work on them would be here. Have to wait on the company to send in their notes. Ok theis was a Friday...... I called on Monday morning and they said they still haven't received anything sometimes it can... Read more

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I purchased an extended warranty for my Electrolux kitchen appliances. Best thing I ever did- Electrolux appliances S***. Worst choice having Warrantech provide the repair service. On multiple occasions I have called for service, set up a service call, then have no one show... only to find out they never were contacted. Twice, the service company selected doesn't even cover the area where I live. Now I call to confirm, and it sometimes takes... Read more

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We filed a claim with Warrantech On September 3rd for a 50" plasma TV set we had purchased from HH Gregg that had gone defective. They sent a tv repair company to our house who took the set back to their shop on September 8th. We were told on September 13th we would be issued a credit. It is now September 29th and they have yet to release a credit to the store. The local store manager has contacted me every other day since and nothing from... Read more

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