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We filed a claim with Warrantech On September 3rd for a 50" plasma TV set we had purchased from HH Gregg that had gone defective. They sent a tv repair company to our house who took the set back to their shop on September 8th. We were told on September 13th we would be issued a credit. It is now September 29th and they have yet to release a credit to the store. The local store manager has contacted me every other day since and nothing from... Read more

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I purchased an LG Refrigator from HHGREGG and an extended warranty. I have had 2 failures with the appliance. Fist issue was back in 2015. Called Warrantech it took more than 1 month to resolve. Appliance broke down again almost 4 weeks back. I have had multiple service companies come and work on the fridge. First visit the guy replaced something did not work. He told us fridge is un repairable and recommended that replacement be sent. ... Read more

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OMG, where do I begin?!! Warrentech's wait time is absolutely ridiculous! Then when someone does finally pick up I am asked if I mind a brief holed. This turns into another 5 - 10 minutes. The customer service is lacking beyond words. They have no compassion nor empathy for the customer. This MW's control panel went out 5 times within one year. The last service person came out and determined it needed to be replaced. It has taken 3 weeks... Read more

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I purchased a 5 year warranty from this company sold to me by Contra Costa Appliance. We purchased A Kitchen Aid Compactor. 15 months after purchase we needed to contact Warran Tech for help with the opening of the Compactor door it took about 45 minutes to talk with someone they sent someone 7 days later he supposedly fixed the problem, it worked for a week, now the door is stuck again, I held on the phone with Warrantech for 55minutes i... Read more

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It has now been almost 8 weeks since our refrigerator stopped working and Warrantech still hasn't managed to get it fixed. Initially they sent a technician from a repair company not authorized to work on LG refrigerators. After waiting for parts to be received, and then finding that the fridge still didn't work, Warrantech said they would find another company that is authorized to work on LG; so we waited for that company to send a tech, who... Read more

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I bought an extended warranty on an Avanti Beverage Center in 2012. I renewed in 2015 for three more years. In May/June 2016 needed service. Call Repairmaster and the service was done. Having the same issue in July , the serviceman concluded that the refrigerator can't be repaired. Repairmaster told me that they will refund what I paid for the unit. We are in late August, still I am waiting for my money. Called customer service several times... Read more

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We have a Whirlpool Gold Refrigerator. We purchased the 5 year extended warranty. THANK GOODNESS--SO WE THOUGHT! We have had it "repaired" 10, yes 10 times, and we are still losing food, no ice maker, etc. The repairman came out AGAIN about 3 weeks ago and they deemed it non-repairable and forwarded their paperwork to Warrentec. I called Warrantec, MANY TIME (terminal hold) and finally got through to a lady who said that the review department... Read more

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Given run around Still waiting for repair 3 weeks after problem was reported

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We have been without a refrigerator for 7 weeks. Same story as both of you. They sent out repair person after 3 weeks, deemed unfixable. Instead of honoring the 5 year warranty they punted it over to LG who will issue a partial refund not including the 380 paid for the Warranty. Why should we have to settle for a partial refund when the refrigerator should be replaced in full. Spent hours arguing and weeks living without a refrigerator and now... Read more

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We discovered on July 4th our Samsung refrigerator was not working. I called the Warrantech on July 5th they referred me me to a service company (affordable Appliance) I called and they made a apt for me for July 14th. The morning of July 14th they called to cancel the apt because a technician was sick. They rescheduled me for July 23. The did not show up on July 23rd. Called Warrentech again on July 25 and they referred me to another service... Read more

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